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IMPACTVISTA is an initiative of OCEAN IMPACT Ltd, an Irish, social-profit company, founded to find, develop and support organisations, projects and initiatives with a positive impact on our planet and all things living. We believe in responsible entrepreneurship as the driving force towards a thriving and sustainable society for generations to come.

Lila Tan
China Office

Lila is our lead contact with the investment community in China. An excellent translator, fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese, English and French she manages our Chinese investor-network and provides us with the latest sustainability news from the Middle-Kingdom.

Annik Tuyls
Office Manager

Annik is IMPACTVISTA's Office Manager, meticulous and precise she makes sure that we stick to our budgets and use our funds efficiently. She knows a thing or two about management and start-ups.

Andre Gomes
Brazil Office

Andre is our lead contact with the investment community in Brazil. He is an outstanding communicator and business executive with global connections and a passion for sustainable innovation.

Ief A. Winckelmans

Ief is the energetic and visionary founder of IMPACTVISTA With his father an avid deepsea treasure hunter, growing up on dive boats and yachts gave him a deep passion and respect for the ocean. After a career in the ICT industry, Mr. Winckelmans is now committed to use his skills and expertise to facilitate the transition to a sustainable economy for generations to come.

Peter Royers
Executive Assistant

Peter is the guy in control, he keeps track of meetings, organizes the agenda, makes the travel arrangements and while doing this, he still manages to leverage his 25 years in IT to help create the tools that form the backbone of the IMPACTVISTA Exchange.

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