In 2012, a small investment fund was started in Luxemburg by a Belgian-Chinese team. The fund would invest exclusively in transformational eco-friendly projects.

Soon, the management team discovered that finding truly eco-friendly investment opportunities was a bigger challenge than they had anticipated. Too many projects, although viable eco-friendly innovations were not fundable because of all the usual reasons (E.g. Technology not market ready, not a complete team, lack of experience...)

Another major problem for this cleantech fund was assessing the ecological impact of investment proposals and as such they started reaching out to academic advisors to help with the ecological impact assessments.

As there is no financial return on the money spent on ecological impact assessments, and since this was a cost all responsible investors experienced, An alliance of impact investors was founded to 

We started offering assessment services to impact investors, but soon many investor-members invited OCEAN IMPACT ALLIANCE to provide them with eco-friendly deal-flow, and this created a range of new opportunities.

With a network of 87 investors from around the world, all of them looking for impact investment opportunities, we realised there is no shortage of capital. The real challenge lies in finding strong teams with transformational eco-projects and an ability to execute the plan. We also discovered that it's not always the best projects and the brightest minds that find their way to funding, but the ones that can deliver the most compelling pitches.

As a responsible and purpose driven organisation, we not only started scouting for eco-friendly investment opportunities, we became a trusted partner of many aspiring ecopreneurs, helping them to make invaluable connections and help them build businesses that are based on strong economic, ecological and social foundations.

OCEAN IMPACT ALLIANCE was founded by Ief Winckelmans from a deep passion for the ocean and the realisation that the ocean is our most undervalued resource. It is also 'the last frontier' on planet Earth. The deeper we dove into exploring the opportunities in ocean-friendly innovation and the more we learned about the impact the ocean is having on our planet, the more we valued it, but even more so, the more we also realised that the ocean is connected to EVERYTHING. 

"No Blue, No Green", Dr. Sylvia A. Earle says it in four simple words. What we do to the ocean affects the land, and what we do to the land affects the ocean. Hence, if we want to create a sustainable society for generations to come, then we cannot limit our efforts to just one part. The ocean produces more than 50% of the oxygen we breathe and it's water provides the water for the plants and trees providing the other 50%. 

Everything really is connected and that became all the more evident when we received investment proposals for food production technologies, alternatives for plastics and renewable energy, all of them having a significant impact on the ocean..

Where OCEAN IMPACT ALLIANCE limited our reach to projects where 'ocean-friendliness' was obvious, 3Q IMPACT has a more holisitic approach. We believe that we should connect to and support every eco-friendly initiative that contributes to the creation of a sustainable society.

What we need the most today, if we want to make a successful transition to a sustainable society are pragmatic, impactful solutions for the environmental challenges we are facing and we can only overcome them if we bring all stakeholders together and establish global partnerships for an all-out effort to turn the tide.

With OIA, we often received offers of support from a wide variety of responsible professionals and their organisations, and that is why we are now an organisation that far exceeds the original goal of OCEAN IMPACT ALLIANCE.

Today, 3Q IMPACT is a global connector of responsible professionals who are committed to making a positive impact.