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Iokwe and welcome to the Micronesian Center for Sustainable Transport. This exciting initiative from the Republic of the Marshall Islands and the University of the South Pacific is our vehicle to achieving the transport emissions reduction targets set under the Paris Agreement. In doing so, we want to act as a catalyst for our friends and neighbors in other Pacific island states. The Majuro Declaration on Climate Leadership that the Pacific leaders signed in 2013 calls on all actors, large and small, to be climate change leaders. No matter that the emissions of the Marshall Islands are miniscule on a global scale, we are determined to lead by example. Shipping and sea transport is the very lifeline of our maritime atoll nation and our ocean region. While addressing the effects of climate change is the great challenge of our generation, in the transport sector it is also the opportunity to move to new, green, more affordable and appropriate solutions. MCST has been established as a Center of Excellence to oversee and coordinate our national program of action as we transition to a low carbon transport future for the Marshall Islands and the Pacific region. The MCST is a regional resource. It has the support of our neighbors and a growing partnership with researchers and innovators worldwide. If, with your help, we succeed in achieving a whole of country transition to a low carbon transport future, these lessons can then be cascaded to our neighbors throughout the Pacific and beyond.

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