The Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary (MAPS)


ABOUT US is dedicated to swiftly realize the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary (MAPS). MAPS is the world’s largest marine protected area encompassing the entire Arctic Ocean, north of the Arctic Circle. MAPS is a profoundly practical, and immediate solution to the dire global issue of the rapidly melting Arctic sea ice. MAPS safeguards all life on the planet by protecting the vulnerable, climate-regulating Arctic Ocean which is our planet's air conditioning system, from exploitation of all kinds. It stabilizes global weather patterns, protects biodiversity, and rebalances ecosystems so we have the food and resources we need to survive. MAPS will be realized by an international agreement, administered by the United Nations, called the MAPS Treaty. A new era of global peace and prosperity will begin when 99 countries, including the Arctic nations, sign the MAPS Treaty. MAPS is a gift to humanity.

MAPS allows scientific investigation, local subsistence fishing, and observation and inspection.

MAPS stops natural resource exploitation, seismic testing, commercial fishing, through shipping traffic, military activity, and dumping.

The story of our future is written in ice and water. The governance of the world’s oceans requires an awareness of our interconnection with nature and each other. The Arctic Ocean sustains us all, but it can only protect us if we protect it.

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